How to Get Frequency Counts of a Column in Pandas

To get frequency counts of a column in Pandas, you can use the function of value_counts() or groupby().size(). The following shows two actual method examples.

Method 1: df[“column_name”].value_counts()

Method 2: df.groupby([“column_name”]).size()

Data Example

The following is to generate a sample dataframe in Python.

import pandas as pd
car_data = {'Brand': ['Tesla', 'Tesla','Tesla','Ford','Ford','Ford','Toyota','Toyota'], 
     'Location': ['CA', 'CA','NY','MA','CA','WA','CA','TX'],

# print the dataframe

The following is the sample dataframe to be used later.

    Brand Location  Year
0   Tesla       CA  2019
1   Tesla       CA  2018
2   Tesla       NY  2020
3    Ford       MA  2019
4    Ford       CA  2016
5    Ford       WA  2010
6  Toyota       CA  2018
7  Toyota       TX  2021

Method 1: use value_count()

The first method is to use value_counts().


The following is the output showing the frequency counts for each car model for the colum of “Brand.”

Tesla     3
Ford      3
Toyota    2
Name: Brand, dtype: int64

Method 2: use groupby().size()

We can also use the groupby().size() to get the frequency counts for a certain column.


The following is the output.

Ford      3
Tesla     3
Toyota    2
dtype: int64

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